About Us

Golf’s Steak House is an extraordinary place, located in the heart of downtown Regina. Our landmark flame outside the front entrance provides a warm welcome for all patrons. Enter and feel invited into a world of generous spaces, comfortable elegance and ambiance.

Golf’s Steak House was founded in 1972 by a Greek entrepreneur named Peter Golf and John Yiannikostas. The Kolitsas family purchased the restaurant in 1980 and operated it for 18 years. Then, in October 1998, Maria Kolitsas purchased Golf’s Steak House from her father and three uncles. Maria continues to pour her heart and soul into the restaurant today as she manages the entire operation.

Through the years, the basic elements of Golf’s Steak House have remained virtually unchanged. It is still a family business, Maria being the third generation Greek owner and second generation of the Kolitsas’ to own and operate the restaurant. Modifications and improvements have been made to meet today’s demands, but the meals served remain timeless and still very much Golf’s Steak House.